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Fire Suppression System


• Programmable evacuation codes - Continuous, March, ANSI Temporal patterns

• Base learns the sensor address and assumes an upper range address (128-254)

• Up to 127 sensors and 127 ASBs can be used on one SLC loop

• Can be alarmed or reset by zone or by individual address

• ASB SLC loop wire resistance = 50 ohms Max. (total SLC wire run length)

• High sound pressure level (85dB SPL at 10 feet)


Operating Voltage 17 ~ 41 VDC

SLC Current Consumption 110µA (Typical) 110µA (Alarm)

Auxiliary Supply Voltage 16 ~ 31 VDC

Auxiliary Current Consumption 550µA (Typical) 18mA (Alarm)

Sound Pressure Level at 10ft. 85dB

Max. Quantity Per Loop 127

UL Ambient Installation Temperature Range 32°F (0°C) ~ 100°F (38°C)

Operating Temperature Range 32°F (0°C) ~ 122°F (50°C)

Dimensions (without sensor) 1.34”H x 5.94”D

Weight 0.455 lb

Relative Humidity 93% RH Non-Condensing

Compatible Detectors ALG-V, ALK-V, AIE-EA, ATG-EA, ACA-V


The ASB Analog Sounder Base is designed for use with Hochiki analog sensors ALG-V, ALK-V, ACA-V, AIE-EA, and ATG-EA. Each addressable base is to be connected to a Hochiki America Corporation DCP Signaling Line Circuit (SLC). The ASB provides an audible alarm in the immediate vicinity. Typical applications are hotels, apartments, and hospitals. The ASB has a highly configurable programming algorithm that allows the user to set up groups of bases for synchronization of modulation tones. Each device has 16 states that are programmed with the desired output pattern to be used (e.g., “Temporal” or “March”) for each state.

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