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Fire Suppression System


• Choice of fixed temperature - 135°F or 190°F

• UL Listed ceiling spacing of 50' by 50' (2,500 square feet)

• Self-Restoring

• Heat element protected by a built-in guard

• Contact Rating of 100 mA

• Highly Dependable

• Latching LED base available


Response Temperature 135° ± 7.5°F

Temperature 190° ± 7.5°F

Contact Rating N/O Contacts 100mA @ 60 V

Maximum Humidity 95% RH Non-Condensing

Color & Case Material Ivory ACS

Mounting Refer to back of this sheet


The DFE 135/190 fixed temperature heat detector is suited for installation where high heat output fires are expected or in areas where ambient conditions would not allow use of other detection methods. Heat detectors are used for property protection. Do not rely on heat detectors for life safety protection. Where life safety is involved, smoke detectors must also be used. Heat detectors should be electronically supervised from a UL listed alarm panel


The DFE 135/190 fixed temperature heat detector is suited to alarm in the presence of slowly rising temperatures. The construction of this model incorporates an oversized heat collector protected from damage by the built-in, durable plastic guard. The DFE 135/190 fixed temperature heat detector used the proven snap-disc principle of operation. This bi-metal disc deflects when temperature reaches a predetermined value. The disc deflection then causes a push-rod to close the internal contact resulting in an alarm condition. The bi-metal disc returns to its normal shape when the heat subsides causing internal contacts to return to their normally open position. A standby condition is restored


Automatic heat detectors shall be fixed temperature rated at 135°F for areas where ambient temperatures do not exceed 120°F and 190°F where ambient temperatures exceed 120°F but not 160°F. The fixed temperature element shall consist of a bi-metallic disc and actuator shaft. Electrical contacts shall be normally open, rated at 100mA @ 60VDC. Heat detectors shall be installed in accordance with National Fire Protection Association Standard 72, the spacing assigned by Underwriters Laboratories, and in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by the local authorities having jurisdiction. Automatic heat detectors shall be Underwriters Laboratories listed.

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